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red  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

aro How does the M.Ch. Orthopaedics differ from similar programmes elsewhere?

The M.Ch. Orth, is a taught programme encompassing all elements of a Learning at the specialty level for practicing medical professionals . It incorporates the current principles and practice of orthopaedics and offers evidence based and cutting edge knowledge. It is available to be undertaken at your place of work at your pace. A dedicated group of tutors and consultants are available to solve your queries and opine on difficult problems. The Instructional Course Lecture Series (ICLS) brings together and delivers the latest updates with student-faculty interaction. The Observership with reputed guides in state-of-art facilities is an added advantage. We endeavour to bring international faculty to deliver real time lecture. All thesis/ dissertations will be published in the M.Ch. Orthopaedics journal where they will be available to all interested candidates.

aro What are eligibility criteria for registering for this Course?

Clinical experience in Field of orthopaedics for five years and above, with qualification MS,DNB.
Eligibility for candidate will be confirmed after receiving his/her educational certificates.

aro Does this diploma allow me to practice Orthopaedic surgery?

This is not a diploma/degree programme. This programme is a certificate programme covering CME activity. The Certificate is awarded as recognition of specialist knowledge after gaining a registered post-graduate qualification like the  MS(Ortho.) or the DNB(Ortho.), which allows you unrestricted license to practice orthopaedic medicine and surgery in your home state/country of qualification and current residence.
Please note that the M.Ch. Orthopaedics awarded by AIM  is NOT a registrable qualification with the General Medical Council (UK) or the Medical Council of India (MCI) and as such and in itself does not offer licensure to practice orthopaedics medicine or surgery. Any candidate who enrols on the course using fraudulent means/certificates and/or references will be liable to criminal prosecution and legal action which may include cancellation of his license to practice medicine.

aro Who will issue me the admission letter and final certification?

The American Institute of Medicine will issue the admission letters and issue all certification to successful candidates on completion of the course.

aro How long have I got to complete each module?

One module consisting of several sub-topics will be opened for studies at the beginning of the month. Each candidate is expected to study the material and take the test at the end of each module. Each test contributes to the overall results so it is mandatory to take the tests. Unless one test is returned the next module will not be delivered and you may lose precious time for studying the next module. The course has to be completed within the stipulated time for the certification.

aro Is there a time-limit on completing the programme?

Yes. The entire thesis/dissertation, modular learning, ICLS, Observership and attendance at real time lectures  and final testing have to be completed within the 12 month period to maintain international distance learning accreditation requirements and certification standards. In extreme or unusual circumstances, a candidate may be allowed an extension on payment of a late fee, currently $1000.

aro Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, you can pay the fees in 2 instalments.

aro Are there any special facilities for sponsored candidates?

If there are 5 or more candidates registering from a single institution there is a provision for an institutional discount. A sponsoring hospital/ institute/ body or company may be allowed to sponsor a candidate subject to certain conditions. Please contact or email the course administrator for details.

aro ICLS Attendance – the problem is I can't come to India during this period. Is there any course in UK -ICLS?

If you plan to enroll in course, the ICLS will be conducted at the end of the course. Your presence for the same is a part of the curriculum. In case of absence of your attendance in the ICLS Program, you would not be eligible to the receipt of M.Ch.(Orth) Certificate. The attendance of the ICLS course is mandatory. The final examination will be held after the ICLS.

aro Regarding the thesis when should we start?

The thesis along with the copyright assessment letter needs to be submitted by end of 6th Month of course start date.

aro Can I pay in pounds (Equal to Indian Rs 5,00,000 + Applicable Service Tax? )

Yes, you can.
BOOLEAN Education

Mayur Colony Branch,Pune India

aro Is there any fixed day to do this ICLS course, can u please clarify?

Every batch will have the ICLS (Instructional Course Lecture Series) in the twelfth  month after the commencement of the batch. There will be 3 fixed days within which there will be many learning and evaluation activities.
The final examination will be conducted after the lecture series in the same city as the ICLS is conducted. The candidates will plan for total one week of presence in the city of ICLS, which is 3 days of ICLS and one day of the final examinations.

aro Where does a doctor stand among the rest after he gets the degree?

On successful completion of the course the candidate gets:

• M.Ch.(Orth) certificate.
• CME Credit hours award certificate
• Knowledge sharing with the experts and fellow professionals during the ICLS

aro What kind of bandwidth and hardware peripherals does a doctor need to have?

• A Broadband connection Pentium-IV or higher specifications.
• A 17 inch Colour monitor is ideal, Internet Explorer version 6.0 or above is recommended, Operating Systems should be Windows XP/Vista/2007.
• A minimum RAM of 51 MB

aro Who will provide the training for the online tutorials? (Very few docs are techies, how does one teach them?) And how would a student get support for all learning activities?

At the beginning of course A welcome kit will be sent to all students. The Support team of Boolean Education will hand-hold the student through the program.  Student will interact with the learning support team for various activities like dissertation submission, Observership planning, attendance at real time lectures and access to the learning portal.
*The Welcome kit has instructions for using the learning portal as well as contact details for admin and technical support. Students are requested to contact the support team whenever they face any problems.
The support is always available 24 x 7 x 365 for answering any queries via phone or mails. The operations of the portal are very simple. These are made keeping in mind the target user, a busy doctor, who should spend more time studying rather than understanding how to use the portal.

aro Where will the lecture series be held?

Currently the ICLS programs have been planned in India.

aro How does a doctor get hands on experience?

The students of this course are practicing surgeons having limited time, hence a short Observership of two weeks is planned and is mandatory.  The instructional course lecture series covers clinical/surgical with objective of learning through experience sharing.

aro Can an Indian resident pay in USD and vice versa a resident from abroad pay in Indian Rupees?

An Indian resident has to pay in Indian rupees (Rs. 5,00,000.00 + Applicable Service Tax) only and any resident residing outside India will  pay in USD or in GBP. (In dollars equivalent to Rs. 5,00,000 + Applicable Service Tax).

aro Is this recognized by MCI?

MCI does not recognize any Certification Program. This program is also a Certification Program and can't be added to the credentials.

aro How to send the Dissertation?

Dissertation needs to be sent in hard copy and soft copy. Hard copy needs to be sent on the Pune Address of Quexst Solutions and soft copy needs to be sent on

aro What is "Copyright Transfer and Author Agreement”?

This is a letter which needs to be sent by students stating that his dissertation work has not been published anywhere before. This should be signed by the student himself. This will lead to copyright transfer to  Boolean Education for publishing the work in Journal of M.Ch.

aro What is CME?

CME is Continuing Medical Education.

aro Is it mandatory to bring all the original documents for ICLS?

Yes. It is mandatory to bring original documents for verification.

arrow Seeking Eligibility

The entry requirements for all applicants are as follows:


The basic medical degree (MD, MBBS, MB;BCh etc.) should have been acquired from a medical school/institution qualified to award the said degree/diploma and should be recognized and included by the W.H.O (World health Organization) in its list of recognized medical institutions.


The candidate should hold a registered post-graduate qualification in Orthopaedics (MD with residency in Orthopaedics, FRCS, MRCS, MS, Diplomate national Board in Orthopaedics or equivalent) which authorizes or entitles the applicant to practice orthopaedic surgery in his home country/state without restrictions.


The applicant should have completed, a minimum period of 5 years in the field of orthopaedics, which can include rotations/residency/training primarily in orthopaedics and MAY include training of up to 24 months in allied super-specialties (like neurosurgery or plastic surgery) or sub-specialties (like paediatric orthopaedics or hand surgery) including fellowships.

aro This will ensure sufficient relevant clinical experience and academic progress.
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