M.Ch. (Orthopaedics) Certification Programme

Offered by USAIM


red  Learning Components

The Course consists of 5 learning components, 10 On-line learning modules, interactive real time lectures, Observership, Dissertation and the Instructional course lecture series.

aro Online Modules: It is expected that students study all modular learning material, at a comfortable pace. The modules are available at all times. A module is complete when the student submits the on-line post test examination.  A module is expected to be completed in a month, completing all ten modules in 10 months.  Students can take the post test and see the post test score. In case of poor score, students can re-appear for the test once.

Candidates defaulting on submission of these monthly tests before the recommended due dates will NOT be allowed to attend the Instructional Course Lecture Series and will NOT be allowed to appear for the final certification examination.

aro Dissertation Submission: Submission of dissertation as per the guidelines provided by end of sixth month is mandatory. The dissertation must reflect original work done by the student. The students will be given guidelines in the Welcome Kit, defining the requirements - format and method for writing and submitting the dissertation. Students are expected to comply with the defined requirements. The students must also submit the NOC transferring the copy rights of the dissertation in the name of Boolean Education.

aro Instructional Course lecture Series: Attendance at Instructional Lecture Series is mandatory. The lectures are relevant to current professional practices. The topics covered in lecture series are included in the questions asked in the final examination. The Instructional Course Lecture Series (ICLS) is held at the end of every batch. This course component is in the form of a teaching programme and interactive sessions with intensive delivery of several Continuing Medical Education (CMEs) modules over a period of 3 days.

The ICLS is NOT intended to be a conference with option of attending some sessions only. Students are expected to attend all sessions and be involved in all planned sessions. The sessions are educational activities for imparting cutting-edge evidence-based practices to participants. All participants will attend lectures and discussion presentation on the latest advances in the various sub-specialties by experts in these areas

aro Observership: Students will attend Observership at a designated hospital under the guidance of an expert for a period of 2 weeks (12 working days from Monday to Saturday) full time. During the period of Observership students will attend procedures at the Operation Theatre and observe patients at the OPD along with the expert guide.  The learning during Observership is expected to be documented by the student in a log book. Students will be assessed during Observership.

aro Real time Lectures: A series of real time lectures will be organised through 10 months of the course duration. Students are expected to attend minimum one lecture per month. The real time lectures will be given by international faculty on topics that will cover the latest knowledge upgrade.
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